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Nix Whittaker is a New Zealand author who lives in central north island in the shadow of a volcano. She has written two series with a third in the works. She is prolific and writes light-hearted science fiction with a touch of romance.

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Author Biography

Nix Whittaker originally from South Africa moved to New Zealand when she was a young girl. She fell in love with the country and now lives in the central north island in the shadow of a volcano. By day she is a school teacher at a high school where she says you have to be a special kind of crazy to teach. But by night she is an author with two series to her name already.

Influenced by the great writers like Mercedes Lackey and Andre Norton she loves to write science fiction and fantasy. But also she can't resist the romantic angle and there is always a Happily Ever After in her books.

At the moment she is living with her dog and two cats and working on her third series.

Books by Nix Whittaker

The Mechanicals (Wyvern Chronicles Book 2)


Hara and Gideon have been asked by the Emperor to sort out a small problem and in return, he will pardon them. It wasn't really their fault they had accidently become pirates. But the small problem of rescuing a runaway bride turns into stopping a plot to take over the empire and wholesale slaughter of dragon kind.