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Born and raised in the Philippines, Myles has always been passionate about writing. As a young man, he had entered numerous local writing competitions and was also interested in media and radio production. However, it wasn't until 1997, when he moved to the United States, that he was able to focus on writing once again. In 2014, he finished his first novel, the first in a three part series and continues to work on the succeeding titles.

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Author Biography

I wished I could say something here that would make it seem that I was meant to be an author. I wished that I could say that I went to school to pursue a degree in literature or English, or that I had taken up courses in linguistics and publishing. I did not. When I was younger, growing up in an urban section of Quezon City in the Philippines, I was introduced to an author, his name was JRR Tolkien. I can’t remember how or why, or even what it was that made me choose this hefty book titled The Lord of the Rings for my summer book report.

Whatever the reason, it didn’t matter because ever since then, after reading the grand tale that he so wittingly left in my head, I knew that I wanted to do the same thing. I wanted to share the same wonder and dread, the hope and sacrifice, and most of all the love and triumph that could be expressed through the written word. I knew then that I wanted to share a story that only I could tell, and make those that read it feel the same way I did.

Of course many years would pass until this would become possible. I had almost forgotten that want in my soul, and it would have faded away if not for the support of someone who reminded me that I can do whatever it is that I choose to. So in 2014, I finished my first novel Revelation and I’m now working on completing the Eternal Series for release this 2016. I write because I want to, not because I need to. Everyone else should be so lucky.

Books by Myles Gorospe

Revelation: The Eternal Series Book One


David and Zachary struggles to keep their relationship as father and son. With a recent loss, they continue to grow apart and both fear that they may lose each other entirely. Meanwhile, in a remote village south of Rome, a young girl's destiny is revealed to her via divine message. With events that point to the end of the world, a secret order reveals the ultimate truth to all of mankind. The beginning of the end is now.