MK Alexander

“No genre is safe from me! Okay, maybe romance is safe... One thing that irks me is the accusation that I am too subtle. I like to give my readers some credit: I always assume they are clever, educated, and have a good sense of humor…”

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Author Biography

MK Alexander has been writing fiction for 20 years and has recently published ten titles, including three novels, three novellas and short story collection. He has been a reporter and editor for many newspapers, and worked for The New York Times for well over ten years. Winner of the BBC Short Story Award.

Books by MK Alexander

Jump City: Apprentice (A Tractus Fynn Mystery Book 2)


How does a Mongol horde help solve a baffling crime in Colorado and save FDR from assassination? Inspector Fynn and Patrick charge through history, past and present to save America from itself.

Sand City Murders (A Tractus Fynn Mystery Book 1)


A sumer resort town, a failing newspaper, a time-traveling detective named Tractus Fynn, and murder of course.