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About the Author The author left Seattle, Washington on a ship bound for Alaska, in the spring of 1982. He had; seven hundred dollars in his pocket, a duffle bag full of rugged work clothes, a portable typewriter-filled with paper, and a supply of steno-note pads and pens. He came looking for; story and character ideas and a way of making enough money to keep a roof over his head, and food in his belly. He found plenty of everything. Now twenty five years later, he is willing to share his stories with anyone who likes to read...

Books by Miles Cobbett

AGENT 008 (Champion)


Similar to 007 -Just One More... and this time it's Murphy, Tom Murphy Secret Agent 008

Champion (Champion Book Series 1)


A Special Release Second Edition of Champion It's the story of a work-toughened Alaskan laborer and his life-changing decision to enter the world of professional boxing. Using simple yet powerful writing style Cobbett takes the reader along on the exciting journey of a lifetime.

Champion: A Story Of The Happy Life Of Roman Lefthanded Losinski (Champion Full Power Advantage Series Book 1)


An easy-to-read Alaska romance book about the life of a hardworking man from Fairbanks, Alaska A fun book to read that is loved by kids ages 4- 92 by Author Miles Cobbett This book is Literary Fiction and yet it is brimming with the common man's struggles of everyday life, as well as Sports training and the motivation required to reach one's dreams