Michelle Knight

Michelle's main career is IT, but as well as being technical she uses her communication skills to bridge the gap between the customers and the systems they use. Her life has taken her on plenty of side-journeys including egg packing, truck driving, delivering meals to the home-bound, sandwich-making, bakery operative and plenty more. She has met many people on the way and brings all this to her characters and stories.

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Author Biography

Michelle was born in Wales, where men are, "real men," women are, "real women," and sheep are ... very, very worried. She left for Hallam Uni in Sheffield to study computers, where IT would become the springboard in to many different worlds.

Being transsexual, Michelle says she has dual Mars/Venus nationality and when she transitioned in the early 90's there was a lot of prejudice around. She also took part in support groups, helping others like her, and that came with its own emotional baggage. Never one to miss an opportunity, however, she used that pain to feed a dark sense of humour which pops up now and then in her writings.

IT being one of those things that many industries rely on, she was able to work in many places and meet a wide array of colourful characters. These include a steel works, the banking sector, a perfume manufacturing company, toiletries, pharmacies and more, as well as spending two years travelling across Europe working for some of the industry big guns.

Her writing début came in the mid '90s when she wrote specialist, hard adult fiction for a small press at the tender age of 25. Life had other plans for her, however, and that was short lived. When it came to her mid thirties, she had a story that she wanted to tell.

It was 2014 before that story made it out in to the wild and Michelle got feedback that she had missed her calling. So once more, with a small press, she is to be found hammering away at the keyboard. This time, however, she is writing for the general populace rather than the specialist market that has probably long forgotten her small name...

Books by Michelle Knight

To The Grave (Submissive Heart Book 4)


As Mark and L send their offspring in to education, it should be a time to relax, re-evaluate and enjoy much deserved together time. But life continues to thwart their plans and throw new obstacles in their way. Chance encounters lead to a re-kindling of friendships but also some embarrassing situations. Mark struggles to run the business until his son takes over but his efforts are undermined from unexpected quarters. Will anyone find peace?

Check Mate


Life is a game of chess and we have been programming our computers to play it smarter, faster, with more efficiency and higher accuracy than ever before. A stroke of fate saw two memory cards swapped. In a military laboratory, the most powerful game of chess ever written was accidentally loaded in to an experimental, highly agile, weaponised robot. From the moment they hit the run command, that robot had only one purpose ... to win the game...

From The Cradle (The Submissive Heart Book 3)


L's closest friend, Kate, had gone through the difficult process of understanding the power exchange relationship that she enjoyed with her Dominant, Mark. As it turned out, L would need Kate's close friendship as there were serious skeletons in Mark's closet that were about to make themselves known. Mark had been on a long business trip and returned back to the UK; but instead of L’s smiling face waiting for him, he had a shock coming.

The Reluctant Leader (The Submissive Heart Book 2)


Susan's life was going nowhere. She felt like a small cog in a big wheel whose only reason for existence was to pay the bills. Mark had achieved wealth, status and had built a successful company, but after living, loving and losing in dramatic style, his life was empty. Susan became Mark's submissive in an effort to fulfil them both and kick start new chapters in their lives. However one day, their past decided to ring the doorbell...

The Companion (The Submissive Heart Book 1)


All she wanted was to make other people's lives better. All they did was make her life worse. A chance meeting was all it took and she was introduced to a different way of life. When it came to society's way or the highway, she had never considered what might come of choosing the highway. Follow her transition from vanilla to 'the scene,' the erotic journey as she discovers the passion and freedom, in submission, that she was so hungry to find.