Michael-Scott Earle

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Author Biography

I'm currently working on a space opera series and have outlines for a supernatural horror series, a Western horror series, a futurist cyber-punk series, a comedic fantasy series, and a series in the Destroyer universe that will take place a few months after the end of book 4.

When I am not working or writing, I enjoy cycling (road and mountain), guitar/bass guitar playing, esoteric music, reading, exercising, and spending time with my family.

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Books by Michael-Scott Earle

Mormons, Muslims, and Machines


"Unique, fast, action packed, dynamic characters - Wicked ladies and motorcycles what more could you ask for? Love a strong, vivacious female character. Warning, the language is very strong, not for under 17 readers. The main character just can't keep out of trouble either she finds it or it finds her. Brilliant but troubled young woman coming into her own. Looking forward to seeing how this author carries her story forward." -Ds

Rockstar Romance Book 3


Rockstar Romance is a steamy romance series of a hot new tempo. Written by a man, for other men (or women who want to read romance from a male point of view), you'll be blown away by the third installment of this romance series by Michael-Scott Earle. If you like your music hot, and your romance hotter, get it now!

Rockstar Romance


"Ok so this isn't my type of genre but Michael-Scott Earle never disappoints. I'm a "child" of the 80s so this book finds a very familiar scene with me. M-S really makes you care about the character, and the characters are all extremely well developed. You have the beautiful, manipulative girls and the awesome guitar player, reminds me of days gone by where the Musician's Institute guys and parties were all over." -SS

Rockstar Romance Book 2


"Here we go....poor guy is a typical rock musician, with brains but is easily manipulated by women. Boy he has a situation on his hands! Very interesting to see the decisions he's made and the trouble he gets into! Of the 3 i enjoyed this book the most because there are a bit less sex scenes and a bit more "thinking". This book actually reminds me of an old flame i had with a super high IQ and incredible skills at guitar. " -SS

The Destroyer Book 4


For now this is the conclusion of the adventures of Kaiyer, Iolarathe the O'Baarni , the Elven and humans. I This is one of the Saga that fits in the Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones realm and a must read for fantasy lovers

The Destroyer Book 3


"The twists I simply did not see coming - captivating and holding me, making me smile, frown, hurt and be healed by the stories and lives of these characters. The idea of who is right, who is wrong, who is evil - is presented from many different angles so you are left wanting more, and you really become unsure! You have my thanks - and I have a new addiction." -Growboy

The Destroyer Book 2


"I would recommend this book in a heartbeat to any lover of adult fantasy, dark fantasy, or power fantasy. After finishing this book, I immediately preordered the third. If you are waiting for the next Rothfuss or Martin or Hobb...spend your time here, you won't regret it."

The Destroyer


"I just couldn't put it down. Brilliant world building and tremendous character design really hold this book a cut above the rest of its peers. The plot is complex enough to have plenty of enjoyable twists in it yet can be easily followed which is a testament to the authors writing ability. The fighting scenes are some of the best that I had read in this genre and are vividly detailed, making it a joy to read." - Umayr N.

The author is adding books right now. They will appear here soon.