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Mel RJ Smith is the author of Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy, described as 'Hilarious and such a hard book to put down.' He also has a love for poetry and has written in various genres, one of which won him a competition for a National Newspaper during the 1970's. His forthcoming Novel / Novella, A Time for Adventure is due to be released in the latter half of 2015. Currently in the hands of his editor who describes it as 'A great read.'

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Author Biography

Mel was born in Wallingford, Berkshire in 1964 and was the youngest of seven siblings. At the tender age of five, his family moved to Basingstoke and started life dwelling in a Nissen hut, before spending several months living with relations in a Split-level, end Terraced house, becoming a household of approximately sixteen. Seeing sense, the council allocated the Smith's their very own house on a newly built housing estate, often referred to as part of the 'London overspill.'

Educated with comprehensive schooling and trying his hand at various career options during his early years, Mel finally embarked on a career in hospitality, where he works to this day in Peterborough, as a Night Manager for a major Hotel chain.

Books by Mel RJ Smith

Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy: Not Rich, Not Famous, Just Truths


Come inside and reminisce with me as I take you on a humorous journey of discovery, disappointments, fun and adventures of my life, just an ordinary guy growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. From boyhood to manhood and all my escapades in between. Meet the characters I encountered along the way whom helped make this a funny, yet almost truthful account of my memoirs.