Matthew O. Duncan

Attending Northern Arizona University he earned degrees in Theater & Psychology, and won his first three awards for play writing. Starting his career with the Disney Co. he cut his teeth learning the "ins and outs" of the world’s most successful entertainment company. Moving on to find more challenges and creative freedom he worked for a number of theaters where he wrote plays, performed on stage, directed and then finally became a novelist.

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Author Biography

His latest work, The Warrior's Stone, was based on an idea he had originally began to develop for the big screen, but decided that a screen play was too limited in detail to do the story justice. In novel form he was able to paint the full picture. After two years of development it is finally ready for release. The next two books are already in development and will follow about a year apart respectfully.

Books by Matthew O. Duncan

The Warrior's Stone: The New Terra Sagas: Book One


O’Hara never wanted to be a hero. Living a life a service and duty, alone in a cockpit suited him well, but fate had other plans for him. Shot down over an alien planet he was saved by a beautiful and mysterious woman named Katreena. Wanting only to return to his fleet,he discovers that he has more than a passing connection with the world’s people,a love that resurrects a heart long thought dead and a decisive battle to the war that followed him.