Maggie Pill

Maggie Pill writes The Sleuth Sisters series about two middle-aged sisters who start a detective agency and then try to keep their third sister from pushing her way in.

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Author Biography

Maggie Pill reads a lot, usually mystery after mystery but historical and non-fiction too. Like her "real" person Peg Herring, she loves to see new places, loves walking in the woods, and has never met a cat she didn't like.

Books by Maggie Pill

3 Sleuths, 2 Dogs, 1 Murder (The Sleuth Sisters Mystery)


Barb and Faye have their detective agency up and running, but when baby sister Retta needs help, they drop everything to assist her. The results are harrowing: dangerous encounters with killers. Help comes from some unexpected sources: Retta's goofy Newfoundland, Faye's rescued mutt, and a couple of horses. If sisters aren't quite enough, send in the pets!

The Sleuth Sisters (The Sleuth Sisters Mystery Book 1)


Having Sisters Is Great, Right? Of course it is, but there are times when--you know! Sisters feel close because of shared genetics and early experiences, but their lives spin out in unique ways. Our differences drive our siblings crazy, but our similarities bring us back to each other time and time again. Sisters know that when one of them needs someone, the others will be there. It's a family thing.