Lachesha W.B.

I see things a bit differently than most and take pride in being different. I write about my dreams, allowing my unique individuality to shine. I discover excellence that most overlook, beauty in what others find hideous, and discover peace when life is wild. People say a fiction story is merely a story that is made strictly from ones creative energy, I accept fiction as shrouded truth that enhances the creative ability.

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Author Biography

I am a proud mother and wife. My family and I live in Northern Florida. Like many others, I strive every day to make my mark in this writing world. I save every penny of my book earnings to open an Indie bookstore. The writing world is not very kind to us Indie authors (bookstores hate us). So, I plan on creating my own path and I want to take as many Indie authors as I can with me.

Books by Lachesha W.B.

Vilmo's Wrath: Deglon Blood


You will discover a hidden world to those who refuse to believe and a new way of looking at life for those who are willing to see it. You will enter a hidden world swallowed by darkness. A world where good becomes evil and evil shows no mercy. Loyalties are tested, lovers are torn apart, and survival seems impossible.