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L. W. Brook is an author that writes simply as a form of expression. She takes her own life experiences and then twists them with her strange, murky mind.

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Hello! My name is Legend Brook and I am a science fiction/ fantasy author. I love to take parts of my life/personality and transform them into, what I hope to be, engaging works of fiction. When I was seventeen I went to college to be a firefighter. However, after an accident during training I quickly realized that that wasn't going to happen. So, I discovered something else I could do with my life. Writing.. Which, believe me, I had never thought I could do. Turns out I could.. And I am. Don't ever be afraid to try something new. Good luck to you in your reading/writing/life, and have a fantastic day. -L. W. Brook ;)

Books by L. W. Brook

Unbelieve: 2096


2059 brought on a nuclear war that would kill billions. 2060 created a brutal New World, a place where only the strongest could survive. 2096 sought out an end to the chaos carried on throughout years past.