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L.A. Wilson: independent author of 'The Silurian' series of 7 ebooks based on the legendary King Arthur.

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Author Biography

L.A. Wilson: independent author of 'The Silurian' series of 7 Books based on the legendary King Arthur; The Silurian series challenges the conventional Arthurian story, with a unique writing style, and a highly non-traditional interpretation of the standard Arthurian genre novel. L.A. Wilson is an imaginative creative writer, iconoclastic, ever seeking to break the mold of mass produced and formulaic novel construction. L.A. has been writing “The Silurian” for over ten years, with a word count of over a million.

Books by L.A. Wilson

The Silurian, Book One: The Fox and the Bear


The Silurian is an amazing journey into the past, where the social order was kept by the sword, by loyalty unto death, and the desire to be free: free to survive in the face of Saxon invasions, of violent internal conflicts, and to love unshielded. Energized by L.A.’s powerful and unconventional story-telling, a whole dramatic world of Arthur's warrior brotherhood is created and viewed through the exotic eyes of Prince Bedwyr, the Fox.