Kristy Rulebreaker

I started to write poetry seriously at the beginning of 2014. At the same time I started to publish many of my poems on my poetry blog. When I gathered a bunch of them, I decided to self publish my first book.

Author Biography

My poems are published in online magazines of poetry groups on Google+: Poets of G+, and Words on Fire. Three of my poems can be found in tea boxes in Portugal. :)

Books by Kristy Rulebreaker

Los poemas me eligen (Spanish Edition)


En el año 2014 varios poemas me eligieron para que los escriba y estos son 100 de ellos. Felices, enojados, tristes o graciosos, abarcan muchos temas, desde el amor hasta la injusticia social. Esta colección es la primera que publico y espero que no sea la última :)

Indestructible y otros poemas (Spanish Edition)


"Indestructible y otros poemas" es la segunda colección de poesía de Kristy Rulebreaker. La misma describe la vida y todos sus matices, tal y como es; a veces dulce, a veces amarga. Trata temas relacionados a personas, lugares, odio, amor, justicia, naturaleza, etc., pero sobretodo se trata de la libertad y la valentía. Su objetivo es motivarlos, sin importar cuán dura sea la vida, a permanecer indestructibles.

Indestructible & Other Poems


"Indestructible & Other Poems" is the collection that covers many topics. It describes life multicolored as it is, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. It's about people, places, hate, love, justice, nature, etc. The most of all, it's about freedom and courage. It encourages you, no matter how hard the life is, to stay indestructible.

The Poems Choose Me


The poems in this collection cover many topics, like: art, politics, love..., some of them are sad, some are funny, some are encouraging. As the title said, the poems chose author, and not the opposite way. :)