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An indie author who embraces his spark of madness.

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Author Biography

Kevin Laymon is an up and coming indie author who started off in his teenage years writing poems, short stories, and lyrics. In his early twenties he shifted his attention to journalism. At the age of twenty-seven Kevin realized that the time had come to quit his day job and pursue a life of full time storytelling. Kevin has a handful of novels in the works that span across a multitude of genres. Kevin grew up in Oneonta, New York & currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife Sara.

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"One of my favorite things about Emotive was the ending. There are some books that are tied together so well, it leaves you with a breath of relief, and Emotive was one of those books. It was tense up until the very end, and the resolution was tied together so intricately in the eyes of the narrator that it left me with a feeling of relaxed contentedness, even though this was certainly not a feel-good book." -Danni Mae

Future Winds


"From beginning to the end the author Kevin Laymon weaves a beautiful but dark story, spanning many races, generations, and controversial issues while staying modern and relevant. I can't imagine owning the mind of a genius. But I'm pretty sure I just had a glimpse inside of one for a brief moment." -Actor Travis Conover