Kevin Gaywood

In my writing I try to connect to the reader and show them the full range of emotions I'm feeling when writing. I go into my dark places and try to bring the readers in as well for a journey they won't soon forget. I try to write in an all-encompassing way. I don't want just another crime book, I want a bit of humour, a bit of sex, a bit of horror, a thrilling chase, an emotional journey - I want it all!

Author Biography

OK, a description about me you say? Well I suppose you could call me a little quirky- just enough weird, but not too much. I'm definitely a tad shy. I'm an IT Manager by day and an Author by night, it’s probably the late nights and droning computers that are responsible for my social awkwardness. I'm a happily married man, with a wonderful son who is now 5 years old. I got into writing seriously about 3 years ago, but have had a sort of itching to write since my late teens (I should probably get the itching looked at). I started my first novel around 15 years ago, wrote the first chapter then gave up. I definitely lacked the drive and ambition back then (who would have thought it takes effort and determination to write a book right?). A few years ago I found the file saved onto my computer and decided to finish it. This time though, I had grown as a person and as a writer. I've had loads of fun in writing it, it’s been a roller-coaster but definitely a positive thing in my life. Now, onto book 2 – WATCH THIS SPACE..

Books by Kevin Gaywood

Voice from the Dark


Fast-paced Crime Thriller that delves into the deep and dark psyche of brainwashed individuals. Can Alice find out the truth behind her searing headaches and memory lapses. Teaming up with a reporter and a junior cop might prove useful in solving several gruesome murders, but ultimately the answer to her questions lies within her own tormented and fractured mind.