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Keller Yeats is a man of many talents but he has always been a writer and teller of stories. At eight years old his primary school teacher told him that she looked forward to the day she would read his first existentialist novel. Well she will have to wait a little longer for that.....only short stories in the existentialist theme so far! His first full novel is of a much darker nature.

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Keller Yeats has written several published articles about rock music and several unpublished short stories. He has several years’ experience working as a Probation Warden and he draws on this for his novel “Powderfinger.” In addition he is a published graphic artist and a qualified though no longer practicing jewellery maker and designer. He now lives together with his wife, a Siberian Husky, a Welsh Collie and three cats in a cottage by the sea in Anglesey.

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Nick Swann, a jaded middle aged widower is on a journey of discovery into the dark world of malevolence inhabited by a mysterious and ancient creature known as "Powderfinger." Together with a small cabal of friends, they seek to unearth the mysteries surrounding a string of similar murders stretching back through time and to bring "Powderfingers'"reign of terror to an end.