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Katrina is a self-published author who resides in New Zealand. She has written BROKEN, the first book of the Through My Eyes series. Katrina became interested in writing teen and YA fiction after several years of blogging and her love of watching a vast array of films.

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Author Biography

If you're reading this section, you'll probably wondering why you haven't heard of this author before. That’s because this is my very first book I've ever worked on and published. It’s definitely a start!

So you're probably wondering who I am…

This is my very first novel, and the first book from this series ‘Through My Eyes’. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating and writing it. The next book in this series shouldn't be too far away!

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And one last note to my readers…Thank you!

Books by Katrina Stephens

Broken: Through My Eyes Series (Book #1)


Anna Belford is your everyday, small town girl from Pennsylvania. Great parents, and Jack the funniest, cutest younger brother she could have asked for. Her life is perfect, that is until her stable life comes tumbling down. Consoled by her best friend Melissa, Anna begins to patch her life back together. However a second blow threatens to derail Anna's future.