Kato Nkhoma

Kato is a Pastor, author and teacher of the word. He is a Zambian citizen and is currently serving as a missionary in a village in the northern part of Botswana. Kato is happily married and the father of 2 children.

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Author Biography

Kato Nkhoma is a seasoned teacher of the word with exceptional biblical insight. He has been pastoring full-time for over a decade and is a husband to one wife, Alakanani, and father to two wonderful children; Amal and Koen Watipashe. He is currently pastoring a branch of Bible Life Ministries in the northern part of Botswana.

Books by Kato Nkhoma

Kingdom Finance Dynamics: Breakthrough Manual


This book touches on God's end time financial agenda. Finances are an integral part of spiritual warfare in these end times and finances are critical for the last major revival that is about to take place. This is why Kingdom Finance Dynamics is a must read for every believer. Your life will never be same after reading this book!