Kasey Riley

Kasey Riley's mind sees every news article as a possible story plot for the people in the mythical town of Riverview, CO. Every trail ride as a possible setting for the next crime or mystery. When not writing or riding, she enjoys reading a wide variety of genre novels and sounding out new plots on her husband of 40+ years. Together, they care for a large assortment of animals on their 13 acre hobby farm in Southeastern Oklahoma.

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Author Biography

While Kasey wanted to write from the time she was in school, unfortunately, life interfered with her plans. She published a couple of essays and an article during her years of earning a living outside of writing; but with rent and life's needed expenditures she kept her dream of writing in the background. She enjoyed a career as a Postal Worker and later a business owner until she opted for an early retirement when the business sold. Since then, she has been writing, competing in her favorite sport of Endurance and living a simple life on a small acreage in SE Oklahoma. To this day, if not at her computer she is likely out in the barn, up on the tractor, or riding the woods and grasslands of her beautiful state.

Books by Kasey Riley

August Fire


Does danger unite? Stephanie and Doyle clash even with the townsfolk plotting to set them up, striving to keep handyman Doyle in Riverview. While the couple fights to overcome trust issues and irritations, they witness an arsonist setting a wild land fire. From one moment to the next, they work to keep ahead of the arsonist, learning to trust each other in the process. With such stress, will it drive them apart? Can their budding romance survive?

Desperate Endurance: A Riverview Novel


Bethany vows to find a murder victim’s son as he requested as he died. Meeting Roger, Bethany realizes his help is essential in solving the murder of his father. Feeling an urge to protect Riverview's newest resident, Roger stands fast by Bethany's side, trying hard to keep her safe. The killers trail Bethany in spite of her attempts to mislead them. The people of Riverview help Bethany foil a kidnapping plot, but can they save her?