Jonathan Jones

He is a purveyor of disturbing tales and unpalatable truths. A guide to dark corners that no sane person ventures into unscathed. He is rumoured to collude with dark spirits at the top of distant mountains, but he insists that he prefers red wine and never drinks when he's climbing.

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Author Biography

Jonathan Jones is the creator of the epic Horror-Fantasy 'Sanguinem Mittere' series, which begins soon with 'Heathen with Teeth'.

Self-publishing is a natural fit for Jonathan, whose work does not fit neatly into established genres or industry expectations. If you are looking for tales with the scope of epic fantasy, the psychologically realistic horror of 'The Walking Dead', a smattering of political satire, and an approach to vampires that is both traditional and very new, then Jonathan Jones' work is for you.

His short story collection, 'Facade of Evil' offers a glimpse of the dystopian world and morally ambiguous characters of the Sanguinem Mittere novels.

Books by Jonathan Jones

Facade of Evil: and other tales from Heathen with Teeth (Sanguinem Mittere Book 0)


Four linked tales of terror and tragedy show us a world where we are the monsters and the undead are oppressed and annihilated. Throughout these grim glimpses of hopeless situations, a saviour of the vampires emerges. How far will this mysterious symbol of rebellion go to rescue his people and advance his cause, and who will be swept up in the unstoppable tides of change that he is creating?