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Author Biography

Jonathan Chateau received his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida.

He has always had a passion for writing. As a kid, he grew up on Stephen King novels and over-the-top action movies from the 80's & 90's. In college, he wrote screenplays, but in time, shifted his writing endeavors towards short stories and novellas.

He loves writing stories that he would want to read, and sincerely hopes you'll enjoy reading them as well. His inspirations come from music, movies, fiction & non-fiction books, and life.

He resides in Tampa, Florida.

Books by Jonathan Chateau

Nightmares in Analog: Three Supernatural Tales


Nightmares in Analog is a collection of three supernatural, page-turning novellas - stories that test the boundaries of lust, vanity and sacrifice.

ebook: Faith Against the Wolves: A Supernatural Thriller (Travis Rail Series Book 1) (B014G8OMU0)

Faith Against the Wolves: A Supernatural Thriller (Travis Rail Series Book 1)


Meet Travis Rail, professional transporter of supernatural goods. When his latest client has him transport a chest containing something allegedly touched by Jesus, the Rift show up – an underground cult bent on collecting all of the treasures of God. And as it turns out, not only are they after the chest, they're after Travis as well.