Jolene Loraine

A filmmaker with a passion for storytelling, Jolene Loraine captures the excitement of the motion picture within the pages of her new science-fantasy action series, Night Hawk.

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Author Biography

Born with a passion for storytelling and influenced by film, author Jolene Loraine has begun her publication career with stories of fantasy and adventure, rich in action and imagination. Along with writing, Jolene is active in film making, participating in the independent film community of the Pacific Northwest. She has also studied swordsmanship, puppetry, horsemanship and theater.

Books by Jolene Loraine

Night Hawk: Battle Cries


Death stands at the door for David Malard and his remaining friends. With the need for officers in the south, he and a team journey into the mountains, where David's resolve to stand against the evil consuming their world is put to the ultimate test.

Night Hawk


Successful within the Coalition of Law Enforcement, David Malard had it all until his fiancee was brutally murdered. Grief stricken, he enlists in Earthenia’s Special Forces as they prepare to face a deadly enemy. Before long, an invasion throws him onto the front lines where he must battle not only a powerful army, but the horror he struggles with as he witnesses the brutality of war.