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Author of an assortment of books ranging from educational ABC books for baby's bedtime reading to chapter books for 10-year-olds. Something for everyone: mystery adventure whodunit books like Jay-Pea-Eyes aka Junior Private Investigators, time travel and fantasy like Peter Challenge Time Surfer, to baby's bedtime reading of Animal Alphabet Search - Learning ABCs and 123s and Little Miss Straight Tail.

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Author Biography

When he was ten, John Priest loved one school lesson more than any other. English Composition. He found it easy to imagine and write down his stories for others to enjoy. He had a great passion for writing even in those early days. He loved his local Library and would often go after school, reading Doctor Seuss and The Famous Five. From teens to twenties, he read George G. Gilman’s Edge and James Herbert's horror novels.

Following a serious injury, John had to give up the house he and his wife had enjoyed. Together with their two young daughters, they moved in with his wife's family. John went to an auction room and bought an ancient typewriter. He paid for a writing correspondence course and began writing children's stories.

Twelve years on, John thought the only way to open a publisher's door would be to throw the old typewriter at it.

The rejection letters became friendlier and John was published by a UK educational publisher. Three other books followed which were sold around the world.

The years following were a mixture of 'proper' jobs. John submitted stories and received rejections. He signed with an agent who convicted of fraud. By that time, many years had disappeared. His daughters are married and have children of their own. John is writing again, enjoying every minute. His greatest critics are his five grandchildren, and he wouldn't have it any other way. He is currently working on a book about Hospitals. His eldest grandson, just six, has an illness called Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. He visits Hospital almost every week. The book will try to ease children's fears and show what they can expect in a Hospital. It will include handy tips on what to take with you, such as pens, paper, colouring books, iPad etc.


Books by John Priest

Jack goes to Hospital


A Hospital visit can be very traumatic time for a sick child. It can be stressful for the adult too! This book is about the real-life story of Jack, who suddenly became ill and needed Hospital treatment. It contains Jack's story, together with useful Hints and Tips (what to carry in that Hospital Rucksack!) that every parent or guardian needs to know about. A really useful part of your Hospital survival-kit!

ebook: Animal Alphabet Search: Learn your ABC's and 1,2,3's (B00UZ1MZXO)

Animal Alphabet Search: Learn your ABC's and 1,2,3's


Great reviews. 5 Star seal from Readers' favorite. A great picture book for your baby.

ebook: Peter Challenge Time Surfer: Book 1: Princess Hannsally and the Star People. A Time Travel Adventure Series (B005WKLWC8)

Peter Challenge Time Surfer: Book 1: Princess Hannsally and the Star People. A Time Travel Adventure Series


Peter looked at his freshly decorated bedroom wallpaper. His Dad thought the wallpaper was the worst he'd ever used. The strange old woman in the shop insisted Peter take it. The old lady knew his name, but how? And why did she seem so anxious? Why didn't she give it to another boy or girl? What was so special about it? Come to think of it - what was so special about him? Peter was about to find out...