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My writing and my art are my main focus, but I also love to share creative things that catch my eye when I can. And I owe my imagination in large part to the Golden Age of Writing, from which so many great authors have come and gone. It's very humbling to know that every day I wake up and see a new story before my eyes, that my work is built upon the shoulders of the giants who came before.

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Author Biography

"What evil lurks in the hearts of men," were the grounding words of dialogue that John heard as a kid, and he's been working on scrubbing that harsh view of life forever after. But on a serious note, besides cutting his teeth and almost breaking them on Lamont Cranston's "The Shadow," radio plays, he also got a good dose of insanity from comic books such as Third World War, Tales from the Crypt, Weird Tales, Plastic Man and that most insidious of comic books, Casper the Friendly Ghost. On a lighter note George Lucas rocked his world with Star Wars and the Force, Spielberg with this huge mother ship that converted shrimp sized astronauts into even tinier slim-Jim aliens, and the more benign and high flying Richard Donner Superman with Christopher Reeves.

Somewhere smashed in between those years of intellectual starvation and silliness, he managed to get totally wiped by the Beatles and their crazy way of singing and acting in front of reporters, the screaming girls and their wonderful "Hard Day's Night," and "Help" movies.

Eventually, to stop the insanity, he fled to India to study at the feet of the Maharishi, where he got to meet a semi-naked yogi who was supposedly over a hundred and forty years old but looked like Marlon Brandon in his peak years.

After enduring dozens of monkeys banging on the roofs and windows of his small room that lacked both heat and warm water, living off cashews and chapattis, he fled back to America where he hid behind his computer for years plotting the overthrow of reality by the Invisible Forces of Fantasy. And today he proudly stands tall, having managed to survive comic books, movies and pulp fiction, ready to deliver to unknowing throngs of kids and adults his own brand of enlightenment. Hoping you have as much fun riding my adventures, as I did lassoing them for you.

Best, John Pirillo. --Author and Dreamer--

Books by John Pirillo

The Baker Street Adventures


It's the Baker Street Universe where all heroes and villains we've come to know and love in fiction and fact exist. What makes this world unique is that the authors of the characters live right alongside their creations. Monsters are chased. Killers are caught. Crimes are solved. Not by Sherlock and Watson alone, but with the help of characters like Professor Challenger, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini, Captain Nemo and Count Dracula.

The Fairy Lights: The Adventures of Giddy and Gnobs


In the Golden Lands there is magic. Real magic. Giddy is a knight with iron skin. Gnobs is an imp who can change his shape to be anything his heart desires. The two are friends, but they have one tiny problem, they can't always agree on what they're talking about.This time it's about fairies. They decide to go on a quest to discover what a real Fairy looks like and both of them learn wonderful things and see incredible things in the process.

The author is adding books right now. They will appear here soon.