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Although I love to write urban stories since I grew up in urban America and have many stories to tell from my experience, I also love to write about things that I fantasize about. Therefore I plan to venture off into other genres, from paranormal romance, to science-fiction & fantasy.

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Author Biography

Author Jimmie L. Rich's talent for writing was first discovered when he was only 11 years old when his 6th grade teacher had everyone in his classroom write a one-page speech. Afterward he was shocked to hear that his speech had been picked out from everyone in the 6th grade, and possibly even the entire school. He was then given the opportunity to read his speech in front of the entire school at the upcoming 8th grade graduation. But although his talent for writing had been discovered at the age of 11, it would be a few years before he actually realized the true beauty of being able to write stories. Reason being is because of his terrible upbringing in which his father was deceased, and his mother raised him with a hatred she had for his father. That along with the fact that he was raised in poverty only added to the hardships of having to grow up in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods America has ever seen. In the process, his talent for writing had been put to a halt as he slowly but surely found himself falling into the temptations of the streets. After almost losing his life as well as his freedom to an 18-to-life prison sentence he decided that it was time for him to figure out and focus on what he believed to be his purpose in life, which is to be a writer. Since then he has written a few books and plans to release many many more. His book "216 Ways To Die", tells true stories about the way people died within the 216 area code of Cleveland, Ohio where he grew up. Author J.L.Rich also has plans to release a few auto-biographies that will tell not only his stories of the temptations of the streets, but also the unusual relationship he had with his mother. He cherishes his gift for writing, and even more-so cherishes the freedom to be able to do so. He looks forward to sharing his life experiences as well as his imaginations with the world! "Stay Tuned!"

Books by Jimmie Rich

ebook: Book One Of The True Love Series: True Love Knows No Color (B00TQ8IO46)

Book One Of The True Love Series: True Love Knows No Color


Jael is a black boy who is naturally attracted to light-skinned girls, but has a dark-skinned mother who despises them. His childhood crush Layla, a beautiful light-skinned girl, serves as some sort of Angel in his life who helps him to escape the Devilish brain-washing tactics of his Mother, who wants him to only date dark-skinned girls. On another side of the world, a white girl helps a black boy escape racism in a predominantly white school.

C.D.E. (Pt.1)


Club Dark Emotions is a gritty action-packed mystery/suspense drama with a splash of class. Anyone familiar with the game of chess gets the chance to see chess-like moves played out in actual person. In this dark & gritty erotic novel chess moves are being played in a strip-club setting where anything goes. And similar to the rules of the streets, the rules within this club is "Only The Strong Survive".

216 Ways To Die: (A Cleveland Ohio Horror Story)


216 Ways To Die is 22 chapters of Raw & Uncut street stories put together not only to entertain, but also enlighten and educate. Although there are actually more than just 216 Ways To Die, this book tells the fates of those who once lived in the 216 area code who either fell in love with ignorance, or those who chose to indulge in the very things that can clearly be the cause of death.

S.W. Vol. 1 (Pt.1): A Book About The Inevitable Battle Of The Sexes. (sEX wARS)


They say the best teacher is experience, and Sex Wars Vol.1 is a book full of real-life stories/learning experiences that anyone can not only enjoy, but also learn from. Some of these stories may be viewed as very controversial, but then again what is sex, love, & war without controversy. Overall this book is intended to entertain, enlighten, and educate.