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Hello, I write books that delight and teach kids of all ages—from toddlers to pre-teens. Each of my books approaches life on its own terms, in a magical way. While I wrote them with various age ranges in mind, the messages behind the stories are universal.

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Author Biography

I’m a single dad with two kids and a demanding full-time job. Telling made-up stories to my son and daughter was one of the most rewarding ways to connect with them. It helped them learn and grow, and it helped me experience life through their young eyes.

They kept wanting to hear the same stories over and over, so I started writing them down. As I read to them, I encouraged them to change the details, to make the stories their own, and I revised the drafts to include many of my kids’ alterations. I’ll always remember the expressions on their faces in these moments of bonding.

Eventually I decided to share the stories with others, and Jenko Books was born. My goal is to make quality books available to other young families in whatever format works best for them. The books are available in print format and Kindle.

Each story is entertaining, maybe a little whimsical, and instructive—without being heavy-handed. That’s a priority for me. My kids got a sense of ethics, values and priorities from reading these books. But just as important, we smiled, laughed and learned a lot. I wish the same for you and your kids.

Books by Jenner Kosmis

Peter Pinetree


Peter has an ambitious goal, and soon he encounters the perfect guide to help him. He quickly learns that anything is possible. Ages 5+. With gentle encouragement he learns to ignore the naysayers in life and focus on realizing his dream. He discovers the value of determination, dedication and confidence, then passes his knowledge along.

"All Mixed Up" Color Series: Red & White


Two paint colors learn to appreciate their own unique gifts. Then they have a great idea: Mix together and create a new color!  They gain a new appreciation for themselves and experience the joy of combining with others to form something entirely new. Ages 1-6. Collect the Series...

Cosmo Cloud


Cosmo Cloud learns to use the forces of nature to control where he goes. By sharing his knowledge, he gains new and lasting friendships as they travel the world together. Ages 1-5.

ebook: Marty's Mind (B015X0HBYE)

Marty's Mind


Marty’s Mind is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s enough to make his head pop! His mind gets to be so big, it starts disrupting his thinking. And that’s a problem. Finally, he realizes who’s the boss. Marty learns to control his mind—and in the process, he learns that he and his ever-active mind can live together peacefully. Ages 5+.