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After developing a blood clot, William Ray is treated in San Diego for a Brain Bleed. He leaves the hospital with certain abilities that lead him to Robert Woods. Together they team up to go after 22 men who are corrupt NYSE investors who stop at nothing to reach their goal. World domination is what they want and only Robert and William stand in their way.

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Jeff Crimmel is a retired teacher who started his writing career in 2008 with his travel biography about his nine-year journey around the world in the 70s. Living Beneath the Radar was the account of that journey.

Four books later he has written three more books in a fiction, murder, mystery series, starring Robert Woods as the lead investigator from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

He lives with his wife, Suzanne, in Phoenix, AZ and should be in Portland, Or by the year 2017 where his oldest daughter lives. His plan is to continue the series and donate all the profits to a Syrian refugee organization that feeds and houses people escaping conflict in that part of the world.

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Jeff Crimmel

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Brain Bleed


William Ray develops a blood clot in his leg and is rushed to the hospital in San Diego. He loses some functional movement but discovers he has a new ability. Robert Woods, utilizes William's talent to help solve murder cases connected to The Company, a corrupt group of men who trade on the NYSE. When large amounts of money are at stake, murder can be easily justified and no one is safe.