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JD Lovil has lived hard and thought deeply on what the world should be. Sometimes he despairs of mankind. He believes that every action creates worlds, and somewhere there is an Earth that awaits his arrival.

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Author Biography

A Modest Genius

JD Lovil was born in a small Town (population 795) in farm country, where the biggest crops were chickens, cows, and possibly Zombies.

Assistant or Slave, he learned just enough about hand labor, mechanics, metalwork, plumbing and electrical work to be dangerous, and far more than he ever wanted to know about many other unpleasant tasks.

Surviving many fine adventures over the years, and after having been rumored to be an agent for the Arcturian anti-movement movement, the Author has settled into the Phoenix Metro Area in Arizona, where he has avoided the Mayan Apocalypse by settling into a life of writing sedately, and so being indistinguishable to gods or aliens from an inanimate object.

Books by JD Lovil

Jigsaw World


In some worlds, there are monsters behind every catastrophe. Tom is blessed, or cursed, to be able to see the monsters. He learns that this is a symptom of the breakdown of Reality. What do you do when the Monster is in the mirror?

Vanguard of Man


What if Humanity was threatened with extinction if they stayed on Earth? An Earth that may be ours has a storm of calamities. Financial, environmental, pandemic and nuclear disasters threaten Man. The Vanguard are created to take man to the stars.

Worldship Praxis


We follow the great Worldship Praxis as it flies silently between the stars on its mission. Jack Sadow is captain of the ship. Effectively immortal, the Nanobots keep him young and strong, ready to face the centuries of the voyage.

Shadow of Worlds


Rafe can walk the parallel worlds. From a dark place, the Scourge brings madness to both Man and world. It is up to Rafe and his friends to unite and to defeat the Scourge, before the Scourge’s touch can twist all worlds everywhere into madness.