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Jay Spencer Green lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. He has worked as a factory laborer, college lecturer, van driver, database editor, theater stagehand, hotel dishwasher, correspondence tutor, and conveyor belt overseer. Over the years, he has also launched a number of projectiles into space, usually in the direction of the TV.

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Author Biography

Jay Spencer Green has probably been writing since before you were born, and possibly since before he was born, determined to scratch evidence of his existence into the desktop of eternity. Twenty-five years in the publishing industry proved no deterrent; they merely confirmed that he was incapable of learning from experience. His debut novel, Breakfast at Cannibal Joe’s, has been described as “a fat man standing on an airbed in a pool of over-ripe peaches” (John Hyatt), but even such a well-judged and astute description fails to do justice to the inordinate surreality conjured within, or, indeed, to the sickly sweet odor of decay that pervades it pages.

Jay spends most of his time reworking the four novels he has already written - and which his agent simply could not shift - while working on his fifth, a tribute to Nabokov's Pale Fire and Flaubert's Bouvard & Pecuchet in the form of a encyclopedia, Manuel Estimulo's Fascist Book of Everything. His second book, Ivy Feckett is Looking for Love, will be published in spring 2016.

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ebook: Breakfast at Cannibal Joe's (B012YKI5D2)

Breakfast at Cannibal Joe's


In a clapped-out post-crash Dublin not too far in the future, Joe Chambers runs a front operation for the CIA. Faced with cutbacks, outsourcing, and the prospect of returning to the States, he is forced to resort to all means possible to thwart his bosses' plans. He has plenty else to contend with, too, what with the attentions of an embittered rival British spy and a shadowy somebody who might mean him serious harm.