Jane O'Brien

Jane O'Brien resides in West Michigan, USA. She is married and the mother of two daughters, both authors in their own right. She's had a variety of jobs and hobbies throughout her life including, piano teacher, librarian, genealogist, gardener, and quilter. O'Brien loves to write about her experiences living along the Lake Michigan shore, the woods, and near inland lakes and rivers. She enjoys introducing people to her beautiful state.

Author Biography

Jane O'Brien was born and resides in West Michigan, USA.

Married with two daughters

Work Experience: Librarian,Proofreader, Piano Teacher

Hobbies: Gardening, Quilting, Genealogy

Blogs: Thyme For Herbs, An Herbal Bedfellow, Grabbin A Bite, Jane O'Brien-Author

Published: The White Pine Trilogy, 2014-2015

Books by Jane O'Brien

The 13th Lighthouse (Book 1) (The Lighthouse Trilogy)


Belle had been kept sheltered and protected her whole life, so when she finds her mother dead in their motel room, her world is turned upside down. Alone, with no one to help or advise her, she must make funeral arrangements and then plan the next step for the direction of her life. While going through some papers and documents that her mother had always kept in a locked box, Belle discovers that her mother had been keeping secrets.

The Kindred Spirit Bed & Breakfast (White Pine Trilogy Book 3)


Will and Nora have a wonderful relationship, but lately there’s never enough time for just the two of them. Will decides he needs a change, and sets out to convince Nora that buying an old mansion in Michigan and running it as a bed and breakfast is the best thing for their marriage. Even though it means moving away from Ohio, Nora finally gives in and decides to go along with Will’s crazy idea.

The Dunes & Don'ts Antiques Emporium (White Pine Trilogy Book 2)


The antique shop along the shore of Lake Michigan had always been a source of pride and comfort for Audrey, but lately she can’t shake the feeling that something was wrong or about to change.She was beginning to feel that there was something lacking in her life. After discovering some interesting antiques, she feels compelled to dig through old records to search for answers, but will those answers solve her questions or someone else’s?

The Tangled Roots of Bent Pine Lodge (White Pine Trilogy Book 1)


Kate's world has been shattered with one family problem after another. When she inherits her family's log home in West Michigan, she returns to the river property to make a new start and to put the pieces of her life back together. When Kate starts to dig into her family tree, she discovers some new and unsettling facts. But what does it all mean for her and her new found relationship with the man next door?