Jan Reid

Australian Rural Romance novels, stand-alone books and a three book series, interwoven with non-fiction content pertaining to – The Stolen Generation, the Wiradjuri tribe (the largest Indigenous Australian group of New South Wales), and Wiradjuri Dreamtime Stories (authenticated by Wiradjuri elder, Stan Grant Snr).

Author Biography

A sixth generation Australian, Jan Reid's early years were not unlike many others born in the 1960's growing up on a wheat and sheep property in Central West, New South Wales. After the sun went down, almost every night she would be found reading a book, and under the bed covers with a torch when the lights were turned off.

In 2009 Jan became a freelance writer, in 2011 a Kindle book author, and in 2013 she completed the Diploma of Professional Writing - Novel Writing and Publishing, with High Distinction. In March 2014, she completed her first novel (Deep Water Tears); in November 2014, her second novel (Grace) and in November 2015, her third novel (Barons Reach). Grace and Barons Reach were both completed during the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) challenge. Jan is also the author of several children’s picture books, self-published for her grandchildren.

Jan is still an avid reader although she no longer needs to hide under the bed covers with a torch. When she is not writing or reading, she puts on her walking shoes and takes off on one of her many favourite walking tracks, savouring the beauty and tranquillity of the South Coast area of New South Wales.

Books by Jan Reid

Barons Reach: Book 3 The Dreaming Series


A love story between a part-Indigenous Australian woman and a part-Indigenous Australian man, against a backdrop of bi-racial social issues.

Grace: Book 2 The Dreaming Series


The story of a part Indigenous Australian woman, confronted with accepting or rejecting her aboriginality.

Deep Water Tears: Book 1 The Dreaming Series


A love story between an Australian girl and a part-Indigenous Australian boy, against a backdrop of bi-racial social issues.