Jan Porter

"The best of your Ancestors and the magic of the cosmos is in your DNA!"

Author Biography

Jan Porter shares the soul wisdom, magic and insights of our Ancestors through the ancient art of storytelling and self-counsel works. With the wisdom of everyday unsung heroes and the human condition, we carve a new path. As a philosophical muse of human nature, quantum physics, spirit world and nature, she does not hold to any one particular tradition as one higher truth or one size fits all. Viva la diversity! There is still so much more to do, share, explore and discover with more self-counsel books, a handful of children’s stories and another novel in the works. Founder of Soul Works Gifting Foundation (ad hoc) and a proud member of; The Writer's Union of Canada, the Mohawk College Alumni Association and the Bancroft Spiritual Centre. Formerly published with Moose Hide Books, Canada. Articles published in: Mosaic Magazine, Owen Sound Sun Times, Wiarton Echo News, Tobermory Press, Medium online, One Thousand Trees magazine, Link magazine and co-founder of Mystical Voices Magazine.

Published Books: ~ "The Way Out" (out of action) first published self help book for survivors, way back in 1993 by Whale Publications then via The Morris Pratt Institute, U.S.A., out of print and revised, became; ~ "Sacred Space, body mind soul after sexual abuse" and ~ "Life After Abuse, a practical healing guide for survivors" ~ "Peaceful Warrior, Annish's journey" literary fiction novella first published with Moose Hide Books, Canada was revised and entitled; "Peaceful Warrior Woman", published via Amazon 2014 ~ "Soul Skin" began way back in 2001, published via Amazon 2014 ~ "SHARING: our stories, our selves, our success" - anthologies of empowerment stories that give voices to the challenges of life, as well as the transformation, hope and healing that is ours to receive, published One Thousand Trees ~ "Angel Guides, love communication", self-counsel published via Amazon online 2014. ~ "Spiritual Biz, passion and fulfillment in a changing global community" ~ "Soul Calling, your angel guided life purpose" ~ "Izzy's Ghost's", a literary fiction novel in progress

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Books by Jan Porter

"Soul Calling, your Angel guided life purpose" By; Jan Porter: Get your Angel groove on!


Your Soul and Angel Guides are calling you to live your inspired life purpose! Communicate and commune with your own Soul’s wisdom, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.

"Spiritual Biz, passion, purpose and fulfillment in a changing global community": By; Jan Porter & Daniel P. Davison


Harness the best of your Ancestors, ancient prophecies, the magic of the cosmos and practical wisdom bridging traditional and alternative resource tools. Hone your intuition and navigate your soul path with confidence.

"Peaceful Warrior Woman", fiction novella By; Jan Porter: a tale of ancestors, spirit world and nature


Young Annish dreams of an exciting Hunter-Warrior’s life rather than the traditional domestic role set out for her. A moving solo hunter’s adventure odyssey unfolds bringing Spirit World visions, Ancestor guidance, powerful mysterious forces and life defining soul challenges.

"Life After Abuse, a practical healing guide for survivors" By; Jan Porter


"Life After Abuse, is a practical healing guide for survivors and for all who seek healing, wholeness and inner peace from sexual abuse and for those who support and care for them." (Currently being used as a text book for emerging ministers and pastoral workers) Easy to read and follow.

Angel Guides, love communication: Get your Angel groove on! Someone is waiting to formally meet you!


Communicate and allow your Angels and Spirit Guides to flow comfort, love, insights and inspiration. A wonderful life path and to fulfill your soul’s purpose, is your birthright. Oodles of loving comfort, insights, support and inspiration. Easy and grow at your own pace exercises, an Angel Guides invocation prayer and a meet, talk and work with your Angel Guides mediation journey and more.

"Soul Skin, Woman have you had enough?"


Life overflows with problems as middle aged Navi strives to cope with; a child’s cancer, marital heartbreak, a stifling rural church community, a scandalous love affair, job loss, menopause and a haunting dark shadow nemesis. Heart broken and shamed, lost and alone with her daughter, she is comforted by her dead Grandmother and a mysterious soul skin man.

Sacred Space, mind body soul after Sexual Abuse An Inspiring Healing Guide for Survivors By; Jan Porter


The journey out of the pain of sexual abuse to wholeness is in boldly allowing insights and inspiration to bring forth authentic empowerment, fulfillment and inner peace. Sacred Space offers insights and resources from those who have been there and bounced back better than before.