J. Rutger Madison

J. Rutger Madison is a software developer and wanna-be fantasy writer from Madison, Mississippi. When he is not writing fantasy, he is blogging about gaming, sports, religion (or the lack of it), and politics. He lives with his wife and two greyhound fur-children.

Author Biography

J. Rutger Madison grew up in the 1980's in the Mississippi Delta. It is his suspicion (though he lacks evidence to support it) that he was switched at birth, and that there is some country-music playing, Confederate flag waving good ole' boy hunting and fishing in Central Park, New York. He says that because, aside from his love of grits (which is the same as palenta) and hatred of snow, there is nothing Southern about him. He has spent much of his life running from his Southern heritage.

Madison began his adult life as an attorney. He soon realized the worst thing about being a lawyer was having to deal with other lawyers. For the sake of his own mental health, he switched to software development.

Mr. Madison's fiction reflects his dry sense of humor, his skepticism toward authority of all stripes, and his slight misanthropic tendencies. When he is not writing fiction, he is blogging about gaming, sports, religion (or the lack of it), and politics.

Books by J. Rutger Madison

A Curse upon the Saints


"As you turn the pages and the story unfolds it turns out that the good are not so good, the bad are not so bad, the strong are not so strong and the weak are not weak et al. You are pulled into a story full of magic and religion, it's all about how different races and factions practice both. And all the time you wonder what will happen next." - Hendrick, Goodreads reviewer