J. Riley Castine

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Author Biography

J. Riley Castine was born Houston, Texas to Irish-Italian parents in 1973. He grew up all over the east coast of the United States. As a child, he was prone to "tinkering" with various mechanical devices. At an early age had interests in music, computers, Legos, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and of course, Doctor Who.

He likes to spend his non working hours spending time with his family, hiking and finding interesting things to photograph.

Books by J. Riley Castine

It Began Among the Stars


The universe is filled with many wonders which we all take for granted. Yes, it is true, The stars are alive and they have a story to tell.



Gwen, Tom and Karen are ordinary people who in a flash they are taken from their lives. They are thrust into a reality that Humans are not alone in the universe. Guided by a "floating ball of blue light", they try to cope with their new reality as they embark on a fantastic journey of discovery and danger.

The Bleeding Rose


Follow Ga'len and his pirate ship, The Bleeding Rose, in his adventures across New Eden.