J.P. Reedman

J.P. Reedman author of historical fantasy and historical fiction about Stonehenge, King Arthur, Robin Hood and Richard III

Author Biography

Born to a Canadian soldier and English war bride, Janet grew up in Victoria, British Columbia. From an early age she displayed an interest in the past, especially celtic mythology, which was somewhat in the blood as her grandmother came originally from Co.Kildare, Southern Ireland. She wrote her first story at 5 years old, and a novel length fantasy at 12, and she's never stopped...

Growing weary of Canada, the search for inspiration brought her back to the British Isles, first to Derbyshire's Peak District where she first got a taste for her sense of place & memory, finally settling in the West, very close to Stonehenge.

Janet is very well known for being prolific in writing for small press publications, her poetry, and for fan fiction over the 80's and 90's. She has turned her hand to acting, organising events, and a spot of archaeology and tour guiding.

She is author of two best-selling novels about Stonehenge, STONE LORD and MOON LORD, placing the Arthurian Legends back into the British Bronze Age. Combining real archaeology and a sense of place which brings the landscape and people alive more than ever before, she may be bringing both volumes out as an Omnibus, with all new chapters, in the near future.

Janet has also written a number of smaller stories, available in Kindle format, dealing with Prehistoric Britain, Robin Hood, & seasonal children's stories using European Folklore, in the vein of The Brothers Grimm and Neil Gaiman. Her dystopian children's fantasy novel, The Quest For The Rose, is due for publication in the U.S sometime in late 2014.

Reedman's most recent offering confronts the figure of King Richard III, vilified by Tudor propaganda as a conniving, twisted hunchback who murdered his nephews to get to the throne. As we are learning from the recent rediscovery of his remains in Leicester, as well as a wealth of documentary evidence also recently found, the real story is of a King who was up against an almost impossible task, perhaps doomed from the beginning.

Sacred King is a historical fantasy novella dealing with Bosworth and its aftermath. Primarily a redemption tale, it uses local Leicestershire folklore & the Prophecies of Thomas the Rhymer. It has been likened to a modern day Dante's Inferno, culminating nicely to the later day discovery, televised to the world, with brooding clouds overhead, on the very anniversary of the battle.

Shorter works include two collections of historical fiction on King Richard (Tales of the White Boar, Loyaulte) , four short children's/YA stories set in a mythical, folkloric alpine Europe (The Winter Witch and the Krampus, Valour in Valentineville, The Eggstravaganza of Eggerlund, Battle for Halloween Hollow), two stories about a fantasy Robin Hood (Robin Hood: Vampire Lord and House of the Wulfings) , and collections on the faerie realm (Fables of the Fae), prehistoric Britain (Sword of Tulkar) and sword and sorcery fantasy (Wanderer).

Books by J.P. Reedman

ebook: Sacred King: Richard III: Sinner, Sufferer, Scapegoat, Sacrifice (B00MFVN0UO)

Sacred King: Richard III: Sinner, Sufferer, Scapegoat, Sacrifice


Richard III dies on the field at Bosworth due to treachery, but that is not the end...his spirit is trapped in what he sees as purgatory. A struggle ensues for redemption and his good name. What price a man's reputation?

Stone Lord: The Legend of King Arthur (The Era Of Stonehenge Book 1)


Britain, 1900 B.C.. Invaders seek the shores of Albu the White , to take, by force, its precious tin. A chieftain must unite the tribes beneath the lintels of Stonehenge.