J Asheley Brown

A man of few spoken words, J Asheley Brown reserves them and places them on paper instead. Poetry and spirituality are his bread and butter and they are displayed in every form of writing that his pen pushes out. However, no genre is off limits because he writes in them all.

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Author Biography

J Asheley Brown is the author who is not afraid to take risks in his writing. He writes about subjects that most would consider risky and controversial. He blends his love of poetry and spirituality into his work and ends up with something quite unique. When he is not writing he is usually happily designing book covers for himself and other authors with his book cover design business J ASH B DESIGNS.

Books by J Asheley Brown

The Elite Guardians Bk 1: Kylie Rowan


Elite Guardians have existed for centuries. If you have met one then you must be a creature of the night. Their sole mission is to hunt you down and guard the world against your wicked deeds. You should beware. The Guardians are on your trail and you don't have long to live.

Different Walk


Faith was happy. She was in love with her little family: her husband and two young boys. Successful and faithfully religious, she had no cause to be depressed about anything. But with one unholy act, an unbelievable sex scene she unwittingly discovered, Faith Jackson had her whole world rocked and flipped upside down. If you can't trust the one you love then who can you trust?