Ian Thompson

I love to be entertained by stories that set my blood racing - whether in books, movies, comics or video games - well-written, exciting, fast-paced stories with great characters, plenty of action and intrigue, and twists I wasn't expecting. In turn, these are the kind of novels I seek to write. Published: Paradise Exhumed, a murder-mystery thriller Soon: Era Of Darkness, a fantasy war saga. A horror novel will follow.

Author Biography

Despite many years working in Quality Management and as a Carer, I have always considered my career to be that of a writer. Even in school I would have a notepad to scribble down adventures. Time and hard effort have honed my storytelling skills to a stage were I feel confident enough to publish.

I'm a cross-genre writer. My first book, released in February 2015, was a murderous whodunit thriller - set in modern-day Britain, with a pair of investigative reporters hunting a brutal and seemingly unstoppable killer. The second, to be released between mid- and late April, is the first volume of a fantasy war saga. It's the tale of a divided world that faces an overwhelming, apocalyptic invasion. Third will be a horror novel, in which events two thousand years ago have terrible repercussions in modern day - a story of cause and effect.

As to myself, I'm a fairly private person - an oddity in this era were most people put all their personal information and thoughts on social media for everyone to see. I enjoy reading, computer gaming, model-making, and pre-2000 Star Trek & Dr Who (plus a lot of old TV shows and movies). My favorite reads would be: anything by Stephen King, Sherlock Holmes (the original stories and some of the pastiches), Thrillers, Action, Detective (especially hard-boiled), SF, Fantasy (especially classic sword & sorcery - such as Robert E. Howard & Edgar Rice Burroughs) and some Horror. My least favorites things would be: most (but not all) rebooted TV shows and movies; good TV shows that turn into "touchy-feely" personal dramas; unimaginative, 'homage'-copying & generally dumb writing on TV and in movies (pretty much an epidemic lately); and talent/reality TV... But it takes different things to please different people, so I'm pretty much live and let live!

Books by Ian Thompson

Paradise Exhumed (Ray Hammett Thrillers Book 1)


A twisting whodunnit that blends vibrant characters, investigation, lethal danger and thrilling action. Try to solve a puzzle which begins with the gruesome slaying of celebrity Gemini Hart and accelerates with other murders that seem to have a fragile connection to her. Some of the new victims loved her, some hated her, others had business with her. Does the motive lie with Hart's drugs-and-sex lifestyle or with dark secrets from her past..?