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Author of FUSION. An old school technothriller.

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Everything has a beginning, at least that’s the way most people see it. Perhaps there are things that always were, but we are entering into the realm of the theoretical, lets assume, for the most part everything must start at some point. So it is with fiction writing. Some people start young, some start old… and some never at all. For me it was when I was 50, rather late you might say to dabble in fiction and you may well be right. Hitherto I had written only marketing copy or technical proposals or one of the many other standard writing tasks associated with running a technical business. So I suppose you could say I always wrote… but fiction? where did that come from. It’s genesis, like all good ideas, started out as a pub conversation with friends… the type of friends you can discuss anything with. By way of conversation I mentioned a story idea that was running around in my head, a sort of enhanced daydream. The talk ebbed and flowed and in the end it was assumed I was writing this story. “Me… write? Ha, Ha… don’t make me laugh.” So I started writing. I started that evening when I came home and wrote the first chapter… surprisingly, I liked what I read. Was this really me? Or was I just deluding myself? It was time to seek out the harsh reality of a review from someone who knows writing and would give it to me straight. Either it was total crap or I should keep going. The answer was better that I had expected… ‘absolutely keep going’. So I did. Now… writing a few chapters and experimenting with style is one thing, writing an entire novel is a different kettle of fish altogether, particularly when I had exactly zero experience. But everybody begins somewhere and others have been through this journey before. So I delved into the study of the craft of writing, of plotting, of pace, of point of view and a whole raft of things I never knew before… and kept going. So where am I now. My first novel, FUSION is now out on Amazon. It’s been a long road and ‘hand on heart’ quite possible the most difficult and satisfying thing I have ever done. It’s like running several marathons back to back without knowing the actual route. My hat is off to anyone who can do it. Whether it’s any good or not, well that’s up to you the reader to decide.

Books by Gerald M. Kilby

ebook: FUSION: Action adventure cyber technothriller. (B00TXVDLYE)

FUSION: Action adventure cyber technothriller.


An intelligent, fast-action techno-thriller that takes you from the glamour of Monaco to the back streets of Algiers, from the beauty of the Mediterranean to the desolation of the lunar surface.