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George McVey always wanted to be a Superhero, sadly no radioactive storms or animals have been a part of his life. Instead he figured he could help people by becoming a pastor and sharing his faith journey with others.

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George McVey is a pastor with twenty years experience in leading people to a closer walk with Jesus Christ. He lives in Charleston, West Virginia with his wife. In October, 2014 they moved on up to the east side, yes to a deluxe apartment in the sky.  From an early age George, PG to those who know him, has been a storyteller. He never considered writing until people throughout his life kept telling him the stories he made up, should be written down. Still he resisted the idea. Then in 2010 during a conversation with a fellow pastor, he was asked to send the pastor notes on prayer walking. As Pastor George put those notes together, he realized what he had was the making of a good book. That, as they say, was that; and Pastor George took those notes and turned them into “Prayer Walking for Spiritual Break Through” his first book.  Since then George has written several books both Christian teaching and Christian Fiction. 

Books by George McVey

Redeeming Reputation (Redemption Tales Book 1)


Nathan has gained the reputation as a fast gun hand. Every time he tries to be who he thinks he’s supposed to be another gunslinger comes and the body count rises. Nathan’s anxiety rises with it. How does a man who is called to save sinners from the pits of hell reconcile that he is responsible for sending some there personally?