Gabrielle de la Fair

"I was living in between the most disturbing events happening during the previous years in the Middle East. Emotions of Egyptian revolution came as peak of also my personal resistance. The jets on nearby military airport were taking off over my windows, flying to Gaza. Shooting, as the echo of the movements on the streets, stopped to concern me. Woman running from the war in Syria came to ask for money every month. Just a normal life."

Author Biography

Gabrielle was born in former Czechoslovakia, where she spent her childhood and teenage acquiring universal education and developing her talents in biology and writings.

She holds a Master degree in banking, finance and investment.

Although, during the life her interests widened, overlapping research, philosophy, strategic intelligence and history, she always finds a way how to implement her vision of aesthetic and visual design to all aspects of the written and spoken word.

These traits persisted and evolved from her teenage, when she was writing poetry and applying aesthetic style to every of her written and handcrafted works.

Her practical experiences from the field of diplomacy, economic research and instructional writings, management, tour-guiding, alongside of deep understanding of the cultural, institutional and historical challenges of living abroad give her a plentiful platform for her actual occupation.

She is Editor-in-Chief at HerEthics books, alongside her own writing career, research and ongoing learning.

Books by Gabrielle de la Fair

Ilonka's Garden: Personal Memoirs


Find the twists that only destiny can prepare for us – actors on the scene of life. Find the strength which only love can give us. Find the refined beauty that only the simplest things can reach. Find the gratefulness for all gifts that are granted to us freely. Heroines are living as ordinary people; they are not born in royal cradles, they are not born in famous places. There, would not have found their true origin – love.



In the attractive background of Egyptian history, ancient energies are at work. Sex tourism and love “craving” show dependence and freedom in full operation. Valley of Kings gives inside to job of guide and immorality of travel agencies. Clash of cultures and values show women and men in their best and worst. Backstage of diplomacy and depth of ignorance present in one place. NDE and highest realizations in the middle of human misery.