FC Etier

I began reviewing books, movies, and music for blogcritics.org and technorati.com. Soon, I was blogging often and Venture Galleries asked me to blog about my photography for their site. Eventually, the editors there convinced me to try my hand at fiction. "The Tourist Killer" was my first novel.

Author Biography

FCEtier, a Louisiana native, spent most of his adult life in Baton Rouge. He eventually split his time between Baton Rouge and Gulfport, Mississippi. Hurricane Katrina sent him in search of a safer harbor, which he found in Western North Carolina. Etier has been involved with photography for many years. His eye for the unusual found within the usual makes his subjects unique. He doesn't go looking for the bizarre, but seems to find it in everyday settings. He began freelance writing several years ago, with a focus on music and book reviews and essays. His writing influences range from Dr. Seuss and Ernest Hemingway to William Safire, Ferrol Sams, Mark Twain, Miriam Goldberg, Ian Fleming, Michael Crichton, Carl Hiaasen, James A. Michener, Caleb Pirtle and John Grisham. He is the author of "The Tourist Killer" and "The Presidents Club." FCEtier is a prolific blogger and photographer. Both his photography and his blogs can be found at VentureGalleries.com. His third novel, "A Year Without Killing," began in serial format in December 2014 and will be available Spring 2015 as both e-book and paperback. Etier lives with his wife, two cats, and four dogs in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Books by FC Etier

The Tourist Killer (The Barry-Hixon Conspiracy Book 1)


Claudia Barry is 63 years old—a baby boomer. She completes what she hopes will be her last assignment. Retirement beckons. Then another job demands her skill as a professional assassin. Claudia Barry is The Tourist Killer.

The Presidents Club (The Barry-Hixon Conspiracy Book 2)


Hixon and his loyal K-9 corps, must defend their home turf as they seek the truth behind international conspiracies and encounter the seat of ultimate power-the puppeteers who control the world’s finances. Hixon & co. discover that those same powerful forces who control the world’s money also control the destinies of those who oppose them-a breathless and perilous trek through the jungles of politics and the palaces of power.