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In addition to Harry's War, Ed has written a best -selling nonfiction title to help people get business with the U.S. federal government, a science fiction book, The Mission, and a children's book. His serves as a business consultant helping companies prepare proposals to obtain government contracts for international, federal, and local governments.

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Author Biography

Ed Benjamin served in the United States Air Force (USAF) from 1963 until September 1990 as a logistics officer mainly supervising people who performed maintenance on tactical aircraft. He also served in the Air force acquisition process and was a member of the Air force team which designed and procured the F-15 fighter. Later, he proudly served as a senior maintenance officer maintaining the F-15 in the late 1980s maintaining the combat readiness of the aircraft in Germany during the Cold War.. After his retirement from the USAF, he began a career writing proposals to help companies get business with international, U.S. federal and local governments. since 1990, he has written over 80 proposals which have helped his clients win over $14 billion worth of international, U.S federal and local governmental contracts.

He began writing short fiction and had some of his short stories published in local and regional publications.

In addition, he published an article in a national publication and authored several personal experience pieces for the San Antonio Express News, a local newspaper in San Antonio, Texas .

He has recently downsized his consulting business in order to spend more time pursuing his writing.

His current plans include a series of action adventure thrillers featuring Harry Miles, an medically retired fighter pilot who runs a Private Investigator business in the San Antonio area. Harry finds himself having more adventures including flying.

In addition, Ed is beginning a series of book featuring Lincoln "Booger" Remington, a retired United States Air Force investigator who has secured employment as a Sheriff's Department investigator in Comal County, Texas. Booger solves crimes in the Texas Hill Country.

Ed published a well-received nonfiction book in 2009 which he designed to help small businesses get business and receive grants from the U.S. federal, state and local governments. As soon as he moves forward with the next two Harry Miles adventures, Ed plans a series of pamphlets designed to update the various subjects covered in this book.

Ed and his wife live in the Texas Hill Country with their rescued cats and assorted other wild creatures. They have been fortunate to travel world wide.

Books by Ed Benjamin

Harry's War


Fighter pilot Harry Miles finds himself facing overwhelming odds flying his F-15 fighter against multiple Iranian jets (planes superior to Harry’s) at 40,000 feet. Missiles have shot his wing man down. Harry must decide to stay and fight or retreat. If Harry stays; will he survive? If he survives; what additional battles will he face? Will he experience victory or defeat? Afterward, will his life be worth living?