Diane Ziomek

Diane has been writing online and offline since January 2010. Her areas of interest are many - from alpacas to writing. Her HubPages (brsmom) articles are an indication of her various talents and interests. Life experiences have led to the creation of many an article and book. She has a growing list of fiction and non-fiction titles to her credit, all self-published.

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Author Biography

Diane writes about her varied interests, including alpacas, crafts, self-sufficient living, gardening, writing, self-publishing and more. Life experiences have given her the foundation and fuel for her variety of topics, which also include books and articles pertaining to home-based businesses.

Since her career began in 2010 she has written several hundred articles, many of which were written for clients around the globe. Although she enjoyed some of the challenges writing for others, she has started to concentrate more on her own books. Three projects are waiting in the wings, and at least one will be added to her portfolio by the end of 2015.

Diane has also written an eCourse for those considering getting started in writing non-fiction. The 12 Module course covers the process from topic selection to death and beyond.

After concentrating on being a mom for the past 21 years she is now able to spend more time writing, although being a mom never stops. Her two children and significant other are supportive of her career choice, and are anxiously waiting to see if her name hits the bestseller list. They say when that happens, they can all retire.

Books by Diane Ziomek

How to Turn Words Into Cash


The information within the pages of this book will help you turn your love of writing into a career, whether it be a copywriter, freelancer or novelist. You will learn about the types of writing, and be given a list of platforms available for articles, revenue share or books/eBooks. Once you learn the basics, the possibilities are endless.

"Your First eBook" Course Second Edition: eBook Construction and Production Made Simple


Beginning to write a book can seem like a daunting task. The modules in this eBook/course will take you from the beginning stages of planning your book, right through to the pricing, publishing and marketing. Don't be afraid if you aren't sure where to start - the step-by-step tutorial will help you get through the entire process.

How To Sell Digital Products Using Sellfy


Anyone who creates digital content should give this platform a try. You are in complete control when it comes down to file type, pricing, marketing and accessibility. Members can register for free and enjoy the perks of keeping the Lion's Share of earnings. Read on to find out more.

The Uncovered Dream (The Hidden Estate Series Book 2)


While researching her maternal family to defend her case, Sam discovers more secrets and lies. As she is trying to make sense of what she has learned, tragedy strikes and she is forced to concentrate on the "here and now" rather than the past. During the day-to-day motions of taking care of family, she is faced with lies and deceit from someone she was ready to give her heart to. She finds solace in the realization she is living her dream.

The Hidden Estate


Sam finds herself the heir of an estate she had no idea existed. As she explores the property she discovers hidden treasures, family secrets and one of the most beautiful conservatories she has ever seen (which holds some secrets of its own). As she uncovers the past, she discovers a new outlook on her future.