Debbie Adam

A proud indie author, Debbie has released the first three books of a new series on Kindle. She likes to be controversial and sincerely believes we should question EVERYTHING. Living by the motto 'you should try everything at least once', she has a lifetime of experiences and memories. Many are scattered through her books, but can you tell which are REAL or FANTASY?

Author Biography

Debbie loves to curl up on the sofa and lose herself in a book. Her love of horror and the supernatural comes from Stephen King, as a 12 year old reading IT. IT freaked her out! But, she has loved horror ever since. Anything weird, supernatural, Sci-Fi, or magical, she reads it. Although, epic fantasy is her favourite; a passion started by reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Apart from holidays (she LOVES holidays), travelling around the world, and three years in Greece, Debbie has always lived and worked in London. She couldn't imagine living anywhere else (except a beach ;)). She is captivated by the history and hidden London that tourists rarely find. She hopes to explore this more in a new stand-alone book being penned. Her début book, Awakenings, is the first in a series with books 2 and 3 also on kindle.

Goodreads asked Debbie Adam: What are you currently working on?

Debbie Adam: I am continuing the series. Those that have read 'Release' will know the rest of the series will have a very different backdrop. Evie, Luc and Kiran's story twists through the upcoming books, but they take a supporting role for other couples' romantic connections. Book 4's working title is 'Dragon's Blood'; due for release in the new year.

'Dragon's blood' starts as the world changes, picking up from book 3. Other characters are introduced, including Nancy; a forty five year old Human secretary. She is inexplicably drawn to a man half her age and is determined to avoid him (at all costs) and prevent further embarrassment!

I am also working on a stand alone book, set circa. 1860 on the south east coast of Britain; with glimpses of hidden London. Not paranormal, something quite different. It revolves around a sixteen year old girl and a man ten years her senior.

She makes potions, well, actually, just bath scents, but she brews them like potions. Growing the plants on a small patch, kindly provided by her Aunt. She lives and works at her Aunt's Boarding House on the Coastal Road. She makes the bath scents for the guests. But there was one guest...

He works for the seedier side of humanity. He is a locator and was on a job when he booked into the Boarding House for one night...

Books by Debbie Adam

Release (Tri-Light Series Book 3)


It seems she is being tested as Evie struggles to hold on to those she loves. Her life had never been easy, but now she faces an uphill battle. Separated from home, by time and space, she fights to return. On the way she discovers new worlds, friendships and family.

Tri-Light Trilogy Boxset


The trilogy takes Evie on a fantastical journey of self-discovery. Her attraction to two sexy supernaturals puts her head in a spin, as she tries to reconcile her feelings. Love, hope, loss and destiny weave her story through other worlds. Ancient knowledge, buried and hidden for millennia, begins to surface and her connection to the two hotties is revealed. Evie struggles to hold on to those she loves as her life and future become uncertain.

Affinity (Tri-Light Series Book 2)


Imagine Evie's predicament, attracted to two stunning creatures with an equal intensity. And they both want her. Events bring the three together and set them on a course that has fate rubbing her hands with glee. As Evie sits between Luc and Kiran, wrapped in both their scents. Their legs and arms brushing hers, creating tingles through her body. Like a live wire, trying to resist the attraction she has to them both; she might go insane!

Awakenings (Tri-Light Series Book 1)


She went to bed, snuggled under a comfy duvet, but woke in a cold, damp, dungeon. Evie finds more than she expects in her waking dreams. Her search for a home draws her to Luc and his coven. The irresistible vampire/mage opens up a world of love and pleasure she could never imagine. The coven welcomes her; mostly. A quiet girl from Norwich, Evie's life becomes surreal, as fantasy and reality flip. Book 1 of a new urban fantasy romance series.