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A former US diplomat and US Army infantry officer, Dan takes pride in writing with tremendous realism. His international experience in the intelligence community inspires him to create frighteningly possible scenarios. One American radio station had dubbed him "the new Stephen King of American chaos."

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Author Biography

Dan Santos is a former American diplomat and US Army infantry officer. He served both in the US and overseas, during peace and during war time. He is fluent in several foreign languages, and has intensively trained in diplomatic and military skills.

American diplomatic officers like Dan work within the US intelligence community, much like their CIA counterparts. They are subject to strict discipline on what they can or cannot say. So, for many years he could not express his personal opinion about many things. When he exchanged the dusty, gray corridors of power for a public audience he gained the freedom of expression that he cherishes; and you will see that reflected in the way he writes.

His military service began at Fort Benning, Georgia, the Home of the Infantry. He was later assigned abroad, wherever the Army needed his particular skills and training. He is still not free to talk about some of the places he went and the things he did, but is very proud of his unclassified service at Wildflecken, Germany, with the 2nd Battalion, 15th Infantry, Third Infantry "Marne" Division. While in that unit, his mission was to prevent the Soviets from invading Germany, matching his tiny unit against much larger Russian organizations. He truly believes that our presence on that end of the Fulda Gap gave the Russians food for thought about invading Germany and starting World War III. He said good bye to Army service at Fort Polk, Louisiana, where he helped train other Americans to serve.

During his diplomatic service with the US Department of State Dan was stationed in Greece, Algeria, Spain, Canada, Moldova, Burkina Faso, Bolivia and Washington DC. As a Foreign Service Officer his job was to make friends for America and to prevent our country's enemies from getting the upper hand. When he was promoted to the Senior Service (equivalent to an Army general officer) he was in charge of two embassies for extended periods: one in Africa and one in South America. There he led the fight against terrorism, narco-trafficking, revolution, corruption and government brutality against the people they were supposed to serve.

Later, he opened his own company and worked in Kosovo, assisting the new nation to establish its Foreign Ministry and its first 25 embassies; as a follow-up to America stopping the genocidal barbarians who saw nothing wrong with killing human beings in the name of religion.

Books by Dan Santos

Insurrection: Appalachian Command


Al Qaeda fulfills its promise to bring America to its knees and blows up the White House and the Capitol, killing most of the government.The surviving member of the Joint Chiefs turns the USA into a military dictatorship. Former Army Ranger Jude Winthrop and thousands of patriotic Americans take to the hills against the dictator. Jude’s wife and their unborn baby perish in the initial terrorist attack, turning the Ranger into a killing machine.

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