Christine Vann

Christine Jayne Vann was born in the Outer Hebrides and is author of When Disconnected, a short story collection. She is currently working on a science fiction novel called Tacenda.

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Author Biography

Christine works as a web developer, and lives in Oxfordshire with her family, hedgehog and various squirrels. She runs the exotic pet resource website Crittery, and also enjoys geocaching.

Books by Christine Vann

Tacenda (Pairing Series Book 1)


Life isn’t easy when you don’t own yourself, not all humans are aware that other species exist, and your ship is semi-sentient. Kerris and Arucken are an interspecies messenger team, tasked with aiding communication across the galaxy. Haunted by the grief of her sister's murder and stranded, Kerris must discover who is stealing the minds of children.

When I Was Not Myself


When I was Not Myself is a science fiction tale exploring the concept of identity, memory and preconceptions.

When Disconnected


What connects you to reality, culture, time, and yourself? A collection of short fantasy and sci-fi stories, exploring disconnect and the feeling of otherness.