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Christian Dane is a British fiction writer and editor. Cajoled into writing by several authors he was editing he is the creator of the Ed Vandera and Marti Ellis Thriller series. The experiences of a past life traveling on business around the world has brought a wealth of real life characters and exotic places to draw on. Having caught the writing bug, there are already further books in the series under way.

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Author Biography

Christian is a British born author with a love of reading. Having been in International sales and marketing has given a plethora of exotic places, interesting characters and anecdotal experiences that offer a ready library of material to ensure he never runs out of ideas. Educated in the Grammar School system he went on to college to study maths and economics. Neither subject being an iota of use when he started on the path to become an editor and latterly an author. From an early age, Christian was an avid reader with an eclectic taste, starting with the annoying habit of reading the list of ingredients from the jars of jam proffered on the table at tea time. A habit he eventually outgrew, much to the relief of his family and friends.

Having a ready palette of memories to work with has, hopefully, resulted in characters the reader can readily relate to, and who they want to join on their journey through their forthcoming adventures.

Books by Christian Dane

BEC: An Ed Vandera & Marti Ellis Series Thriller (Mystery and suspense cyber crime thriller. Book 1)


Ed and his PA/girlfriend, Marti, find themselves embroiled in a plot to bring down the Vandera family and its shipping empire. A race against time begins when Ed's father, the company's CEO, disappears during a business trip to China. With the help of a fellow ex-Special Ops guy and an FBI operative and Marti's previously undiscovered talents, Ed works to save his father and solve the riddle of who they are up against and why.