Chris Chelser

Sweet bedtime stories and happily ever after's never appealed to me. Life taught me early on that the world harboured and equal amount of wonders and terrors, and that the terrors are as interesting as the wonders. So I write about the strange things of the night, like ghosts and nightmares and abandonned places. But more than this, I write about decisions, longings and life.

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Author Biography

Chris Chelser is a Dutch author who has been writing in English since childhood. She has master degrees in Financial Management and Law, works part-time as an independent business consultant, and is a wife and mother as well. She has been writing stories since she was old enough to hold a pen and never stopped. For the last 20 years she has been writing fanfiction for practice, but now decided to take the leap and publish her own stories.

For 2015, she has several short story compilations planned, as well as the novel "Dark Eyes".

Books by Chris Chelser

Kalbrandt Institute Archives: Book I: Hauntings (The Kalbrandt Institute Archives 1)


Five ghost stories across time and space warn Eva that the Kalbrandt Institute she now works for is more than a research centre. The more she discovers, the harder she tries to escape the Institute's dark secrets. Question is, will they let her?

Res Arcana: Wands


‘Wands’ is a collection of flash fiction inspired by the Tarot suit of clubs.

Res Arcana: Pentacles


Flash fiction inspired by the Tarot suit of coins.

Res Arcana: Chalices


Flash fiction inspired by the Tarot suit of cups.

Res Arcana: Swords


Flash fiction inspired on the Tarot suit of swords.