Chloe Hammond

Born in Liverpool, Chloe grew up in West Wales, with a gypsy soul she loves to travel. Her poor husband hopes every new house this will be their forever home. He's yet to be right. A couple of years ago Chloe was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. She found this very inconvenient, as it forced a complete life overhaul, which was disruptive to say the least. However it led to her finally starting writing properly. She says writing saved her.

Author Biography

A couple of years ago Chloe Hammond started developing acute anxiety symptoms, including some vicious nightmares and insomnia. She had a choice, she could either crumble, and let them take over her life or she could take the incredibly vivid scenes she was dreaming, and all the extra time she gained from the insomnia, and write the book she’d wanted to write since she was seven. Which is what she did. She realised that the dreams could fit together into a story she cared about. As she hit her stride the story took over, and the writing soothed the anxiety. When she started writing Darkly Dreaming she was working full time at a homeless hostel for teenagers, and fostering troubled teens. So finding time and energy to do anything for herself was really hard. Her self-confidence was low and she didn’t feel capable of creating something people would enjoy, so she wrote in secret. Once she had the diagnosis of depression and anxiety, and started medication, her mood improved. She found openness about her diagnosis was helpful, although it went against the grain. So she started telling people about her writing too. Just a very select few to begin with, and when they read what she had written, they liked it. A lot. They had a coffee morning and thrashed out back story and motivations, and these are her trusty criticals, the people who let her know about repetitions or omissions, and which tense to write in. Without them she couldn’t have created a novel she is so confident in. Darkly Dreaming is her first novel, and she has writing included in Cake and Quill's two Charity Anthologies- 'A Miscellany Of Dread' and 'Hearts and Other Dead Things'.

Books by Chloe Hammond

Darkly Dreaming: Vicious and Quirky Vampire Literature for Grown-Ups (The Darkly Vampire Trilogy Book 1)


Fortysomething best friends, Rae and Layla trail broken dreams and ruined marriages as they flee to France. Disaster strikes, and they are infected by the terrifying vampire virus. Their horrifying metamorphosis brings startling gifts, powerful desires and dangerous urges. Life with the vampire Pride brings new friends, new foes, unwelcome tensions, fights, and the Rage. Together they face love, lust, heartbreak and unforeseen consequences.