Cheryl Bradshaw

Bradshaw’s love for writing began in high school when she wrote poetry and short stories for the school’s The Looking Glass. It was around this time that she discovered a love for the mystery genre, immersing herself in the works of Agatha Christie until she’d read every book Christie had ever written. This same love carried over to crime writer Robert B. Parker, Bradshaw’s other biggest influence.

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Author Biography

Cheryl Bradshaw was born in Covina, California and raised in Tehachapi, California. Her maiden name, Elsasser, is a shortened version of Alsace-Lorraine, which stems from her father’s German ancestry. Her European roots also include ties to French and English royalty, including Charlemagne and Henry I.

Books by Cheryl Bradshaw

Hickory Dickory Dead (Maisie Fezziwig Book 1)


After a late-night tryst with a much younger man, Maisie Fezziwig wakes to a harrowing scream outside. Curious, she removes a pistol from her dresser drawer and walks outside to investigate. The sleepy street is still and calm at first, until Maisie stumbles on a grisly murder that will change her life forever.